WHEN? Sunday 6th May 2018

WHERE? Blackbutt QLD

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The R&R duathlon & fun run have derived from the passionate Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are local volunteers who love and help look after a portion of the BVRT. The original line was built in the 1880’s to transport timber, milk and beef to Brisbane and to supply farmers and rail towns. The last service was in 1989. Extending through urban villages, native bushland, farming country and plantation forests, the trail provides views of South East Queensland’s scenic landscapes. What a great place to compete in an event? The BVRT Ambassadors want to encourage recreational use of this beautiful trail to the wider community of walkers, runners, bicycle riders and horse riders, so in partnership with G’onya Adventures The R&R Rail Trail Experience was born.

The R&R Rail Trail Experience is a day you can come and see first hand this beautiful section of the Rail Trail for your-self in a very festive way with these events. The events start and finish at the Blackbutt Showgrounds and travels to the rural towns of Nukku, Benankin, Linville and Moore. These events are on the labour day long weekend so make a weekend of it and camp at the Blackbutt Showgrounds or see accommodation options further day this page. 



30 km Rail Trail run & 30 km Trail bike ride.  (No late registration)

This event runs from Blackbutt to Moore which is slightly downhill most of the way. At the Moore Community Hall you change to your bike for the return 30 km bike ride which is of cause slightly uphill most of the way. If you are competing in this event as an individual you will need to either drop your bike off at the hall Saturday between 11 am and 4 pm or early Sunday morning between 5.00 and 5.45 am. If you are part of a team in this event you can still drop your bike at the Moore Hall Saturday or Sunday morning, but it could also be a good idea to watch your team member start the run, then drive down to the Moore Hall with the bike, and then the runner has transport to get back to Blackbutt to see the bike rider finish. There is a cut off time for this event of 9 hours and a cut off time of 12.30 pm at the Moore Hall. Minimum age 18 years.


22 km Rail Trail run & 22 km Rail Trail bike ride. (No late registration)

NEW EVENT in 2017. This event runs from Blackbutt to the small town of Linville which is slightly downhill most of the way. At Linville you will jump on your bike for the return 22 km trip back to Blackbutt Showgrounds which is slightly uphill most of the way. Due to this being a new event in 2017 we are still working out the logistics of if your bike can be dropped off the day before or the morning of the event. Minimum age 18 years.


4km trail run + 18km trail ride + 1km run.

This event runs from Blackbutt to Nukku on the run component then Blackbutt down to Fettler’s Rest and return for the ride component, then a 1 km run around the Blackbutt showgrounds to finish off this duathlon event. This should take between 1 ½ to 4 hours to complete. But you can break this event up into a team event of 2. So one person does the running and the other does the bike riding. This is even a better way to start with events if you’re new to it or only feel confident at one discipline. These events are for anyone of any ability. Minimum age 14 years.


This is an individual event. What a lovely way to explore the Rail Trail between Blackbutt and the Nukku Station. This is an out and back course. Minimum age 14 years. 


30/30  30 km run & 30 km ride, Individual & Team (NO ON DAY LATE REGISTRATION)

LINVILLE LOOP - 22 km run & 22 km ride, Individual & Team (NO ON DAY REGISTRATION)

CLASSIC DUATHLON - 4 km run – 18 km ride – 1 km run, Individual & Team  

RAIL TRAIL FUN RUN - 8km fun run - individual

** NEW CATEGORY INTRODUCED ** A unicycle can now be used instead of a bike. Register what event you want to compete in and simply send us an email to let us know that you will be using a unicycle. Email

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If you are planning to camp at the Showgrounds, there is plenty of room. The camping works on an honesty system (cash only) to be placed into security box near the bathrooms. Prices:  
$10 per person a night powered site
$8 per person a night un-powered site
The showground committee have volunteers that monitor the camping.      


Wiikirri B&B Retreat

5 Bowman Road, Blackbutt Qld 4306 Ph: 07 4170 0395 (Across the road from the Showgrounds)

Blackbutt Motel

 69 Coulson Street Blackbutt Ph: 07 4163 0500 or email

Moore Bed & Breakfast

 24 Colin Street Moore Ph: 07 5424 7063

Yarraman Motel

 2/4 Toomey Street Yarraman Ph: 07 4163 8144 or email

Hotel Radnor Blackbutt


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