G’onya Adventures started in 2013 and was created after myself and husband competed in and volunteered for endurance events over the last 10 years. We love to challenge the body and mind’s and found that we both loved the endurance side of exercise, not to mention the love of being in the great outdoors.

This stirred a dream of mine to host outdoor endurance events. My goal was to develop high quality off road unique endurance events that showcase beautiful locations in SE QLD. In 2013 our first event the ‘Lamington Eco Challenge’ was born, followed by the R&R Rail Trail Experience in 2014. Both events are now held annually. 


To hold well run outdoor events that challenge all types of competitors. The elite are always welcome, but our main aim is to accommodate the average competitor with generous time limits, great prizes and very unique events opportunities.  


G’onya is short for good-onya, Australian slang for good on you, well done, which goes hand in hand with the vision of our events.